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Free Agent Focus with Insider insight: TE Fred Davis

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We put Redskins free agent tight end Fred Davis in our sights with the help of a Redskins writer to lend some insight.


The Raiders haven't had a solid all around tight end since Zach Miller left as a free agent two seasons ago. Brandon Myers had a great season last year but he is not seen as a permanent solution. He is also a free agent which means he could be looking to cash in as a free agent after a breakout season.

Fred Davis had his breakout season two years ago when he had 796 yards receiving for the Redskins. Unfortunately, last season, he tore an Achilles tendon midway through the year after playing in a more run- heavy offense leading to less receiving opportunities.

He is still just hitting his prime and there is no reason he can't recover and get back the form he had in 2011. But he will have to prove it which means he could be affordable to a team like the Raiders.

Here is what Kevin Ewoldt of Redskins blog, Hogs Haven had to say:

It's anyone's guess how he'll recover from the Achilles injury. Davis was the most targeted WR before his injury and is very well rounded as a TE: decent blocking, good hands, and above average speed.

The Redskins will not use the franchise tag on him again given he is coming off an injury and still has the failed drug test against him. If he fails another test, it's an automatic one year suspension. No one sees that happening, but putting everything together, especially with the Redskins being in the $18 million salary cap penalty, the Redskins can do nothing more than make a low ball offer.