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Dennis Allen says Palmer to remain Raiders starter in 2013

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The hot topic since even before last season was over was that of who will be the Raiders' starting quarterback in 2013. Dennis Allen put some of that to bed today in an interview with NFL Network.

Streeter Lecka

Up to this point, I have stood back and watched much of the circus surrounding the Raiders and their quarterback position. In my view, it has been a non-news story. The media gets paid to dredge up controversy and they have done just that with regard to Carson Palmer and Terrelle Pryor.

This has gone so far it has the national media completely confused as to what the Raiders will do at the quarterback position. Some of them had a chance to ask Dennis Allen himself on Friday. He was asked point blank if Carson Palmer was the Raiders starter to which he said "That's the plan."

"Carson had a really good year last year," Allen said. "He threw for over 4,000 yards. He is one of our leaders. We anticipate him being that way moving forward."

There have also been those who latch onto the word "competition" as if it somehow give Pryor the edge. Allen cleared that up as well.

"Like I have said before, we want to try and create competition at all positions," Allen said "That's the way you improve the football team."

There have also been rumors thrown out there that Palmer would be cut due to his $13 million salary this season. This would leave Pryor as the only current quarterback on the roster. But Palmer will be given every opportunity to restructure his deal to lower his cap number. Plus, no team goes into training camp with one or even two quarterbacks on the roster.

Allen said at one point on Friday that the Raiders will be bringing in another quarterback to "compete" with Palmer and Pryor. This new QB, whether he be a free agent or draft pick, will be allowed the same opportunity.

The most telling words from Allen came when describing his two quarterbacks.

"Carson Palmer is your traditional drop-back quarterback," said Allen. "Terrelle has a unique skill set with his athleticism. I am looking forward to watching Terrelle develop."

Then Allen went on to say the Raiders are going to "get the ball downfield a bit more" which also tells us Palmer is the guy for the Raiders offense.

Allen did say he was impressed with Pryor's leadership and athletic ability but when pressed on his plans for Pryor, he would only say "he's an interesting prospect going forward".

He IS an interesting prospect going forward and we are all looking forward to watching him develop. But it won't be as the Raiders' starter while Carson Palmer is on this team. And with the plan to bring in more quarterbacks with an equal opportunity to compete for the job, it lengthens his odds a bit more.