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Offensive Lineman obliterates position's record for 40 yard dash

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The old saying records were meant to be broken has yet again been proven. This time by Terron Armstead out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, who demolished the record for an offensive lineman running the 40 yard dash.


Terron's time with his 40 yard dash is officially a 4.71 time which beat the old time of 4.84 which was ran by Allen Barbre. The 0.13 second differential might not sound by that much but it really is definitely an obliteration of the old mark.

Not only did Armstead performed better than any other OL in history with his 40 yard dash but he also scored a very impressive 31 on the Bench Press. This after really impressing at the annual East-West Shrine game which has his stock really moving on up.

That is not all though for this massive athlete. He also is now the top performer of the OL at the Vertical Jump with a 34.5 inch vertical and he is the top performer at the Broad Jump with a 112.0 Inch broad jump. That means he is the top performer in 3 of the 6 drills for offensive lineman.

He may have just jumped from being a 2nd or 3rd round pick to being a possible 1st round selection. This coming from a small school that he only went to because it was the only offer he had that would allow him to also do Track and Field.

With those scores all being so impressive I am starting to wonder if he might not be set up to play the wrong position. Perhaps he is not on the right side of the ball at all. It really seems like with that athletic ability he could thrive on the defensive side instead.

If he doesn't crack a starting line up on the offensive side I wouldn't be surprised if the team that drafts him will try him on the defensive line instead. He has the speed and strength to play well there and if he has any mean streak at all he could dominate. It just feels like such a waste to have such an athletic guy that size playing on the offensive line over the defensive line.

Whoever ends up drafting this man is definitely getting a freak of an athlete. He performed this well athletically while standing 6'5 and weighing 306 pounds. He played against poor competition being in the SWAC conference so he will have a large learning curve but if he can handle that the sky will be the limit.