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Raiders Desmond Bryant arrested

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Criminal mischief? say it aint so Desmo
Criminal mischief? say it aint so Desmo
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested early Saturday morning in Miami Florida on charges of criminal mischief as first reported by NBC Sports. Not much more information is yet available. What we do know is he was booked and released on $1000 bail.

The time of the arrest is obviously bad for Bryant as the veteran defensive tackle is set to become a free agent and depending on what details surface as to the facts behind the circumstances of the arrest, the Raiders will have to determine if they want to re-sign him to the team.

If so, the arrest may have his market value taking a hit and could ultimately lead to the Raiders getting a discount on any new contract. Any criminal actions are very much out of character for this former Harvard University product. He has up to this point been a model citizen as one would expect. Full details of the arrest will hopefully make sense of the situation.