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NFL Scouting Combine open thread: Let's talk draft

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Hey Raider Nation, I have been parked in front of my computer and television for a lot of this weekend and I figured that I should throw up an open thread so that we can chat about the players we are developing man crushes on and are hoping to see in silver and black.

Personally, I have seen some players that have really opened my eyes and I am thinking that, with the right draft, the Raiders could do some decent things next year. My expectations are tempered as I believe that it will take a few years before this team can be a dominant force in the NFL again, but, with the proper mix and some Rasta Raider pixie dust, they could make great strides in 2013.

The underrated players who have really stood out to me, so far, are Zac Stacy and Earl Watford. I know that those two names aren't going to make too many of you jump for joy, but, they are both projected to be selected at the back end of the draft and I believe that both could contribute right away.

Watford is a very solid right guard prospect from a small school. He is powerful and pretty agile for a big man (5.06 forty) and that is what we need for a pulling guard in this new power offense. I will continue to scout him and hopefully he will be around at the top of the 6th or 7th.

Stacy has Alfred Morris 2013 written all over him. He is a straight ahead runner with a powerful build. He could be a complimentary answer to Darren McFadden out of the backfield. At 5-8, 216 pounds, he ran a 4.49 and benched 225, 27 times. With a current 6th Round grade, he could be a steal in the 6th Round.

Who is standing out to you?