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Desmond Bryant smiles pretty for the camera

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Desmond Bryant got arrested over the weekend and provided one of the funniest mugshots ever. EVER.

Gary Busey eat your heart out!

The first question you may ask yourself when seeing this mugshot is "Where is his shirt?", my assumption is that he left it somewhere with the working section of his brain.

The arrest of Bryant was so far out of the norm of reality for him that it really was a shock to hear about it. After all, this man is a Harvard Graduate and is about to make a lot of money in Free Agency. What on earth could he be doing that would get this fine upstanding citizen arrested? Alcohol, and far too much of it.

After seeing this photo one might surmise that having a Harvard education doesn't automatically mean their alumnus come out prepared to handle alcohol. At least not in the case of the good Mr. Desmond Bryant.

If only he would have went to college here in my home state of Wisconsin. We would have taught him the proper etiquette for alcohol consumption. Alas, mistakes do happen and hopefully the limits that Bryant's body knew he had will now be etched firmly into his mind, which apparently had been missing that information before this weekend. got a hold of this photo and decided to have a caption contest with it. Though no prizes will be awarded here other than the prize of a good laugh feel free to post caption ideas within the comments section.