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Al Davis Memorial Combine Freaks: Linebacker

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In honor of the late Al Davis, we name the best athletic performances in the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine among the linebackers.


Having speed at the linebacker position for the Raiders while Al Davis was still around was important. With the corners locked in man defense, the linebackers were often needed to drop into coverage or track down a running back in the open field.

In 2006, the top two linebackers in the 40-yard dash both became Raiders - Jon Alston (4.40) and Thomas Howard (4.42). Howard became a good starter for the Raiders and Alston was a valuable special teams contributor.

Here are the top athletic performances by Linebackers in the 2013 NFL scouting combine:

OLB Zaviar Gooden - Best 40-yard dash (4.47), 4th in reps bench press (27), 2nd in broad jump (10'11"), best three cone (6.71), best 20-yard shuttle (4.18), best 60-yard shuttle (11.28)

OLB Cornelius Washington - 2nd in 40-yard dash (4.55), most reps bench press (36), 2nd in vertical leap (39.0), 3rd in broad jump (10'8")

ILB Jon Bostic - 3rd in 40-yard dash (4.61), 3rd in 3-cone (6.99), 4th in 20-yard shuttle (4.24)

OLB Jamie Collins - 4th in 40-yard dash (4.64), best vertical leap (41.5), best broad jump (11'7"), 5th in 3-cone (7.10), 2nd in 60-yard shuttle (11.55)

OLB Sio Moore - 5th in 40-yard dash (4.65), 2nd in reps bench press (29), 3rd in vertical leap (38.0), 4th in broad jump (10'7")

ILB John Lotulelei - 2nd in 3-cone (6.91), 4th vertical leap (35.5)

ILB Steve Beauharnais - 2nd in 20-yard shuttle (4.20), 4th in 60-yard shuttle (11.95), 3rd in 3-cone (6.99)