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Oakland Raiders may try and trade Rolando McClain

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The Oakland Raiders could try and get some value for Rolando McClain.


The Oakland Raiders are clearly through with their former first round draft pick, Rolando McClain . After having his playing time cut and his play calling duties on the field stripped, McClain ended up getting in an altercation with head coach Dennis Allen during practice that got him suspended by the team for two games.

When the suspension ended and McClain was not cut but still did not play in any remaining games, everyone wondered what was going on. Was this some form of punishment for McClain by making him finish the season with the Raiders rather than potentially catching on with a playoff team? We're they waiting for a time to cut McClain when it would have less impact on their cap space? Why is he still on the team?!?!?!?

Well, maybe it's because the Raiders are hoping they can still get some value out of the former Alabama star. Jason La Confora of CBS Sports wrote an article titled "Trades that Make sense" in which he suggests that the Raiders trade McClain to the Baltimore Ravens for a 7th round pick. With Ray Lewis retiring and Dannell Ellerbe a free agent, the Ravens could use some depth at MLB and the Raiders would take anything they can get.

I would disagree with La Confora for one reason, I don't think the Ravens would even give a 7th rounder for McClain. The Ravens have a bunch of high profile free agents this year and will struggle to afford them all. As a result, I doubt they will take on McClain's contract with so much uncertainty surrounding him.

But the idea that some tea, would give up a 7th round pick for the troubled linebacker is not out of the realm of possibility. If the Raiders can get something for McClain it would be a pretty big coup considering everyone in the league knows they will cut McClain if they don't find a trade partner.