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Al Davis Memorial Combine Freaks: Cornerback

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We save Al Davis' favorite speed position for last as we honor the Raiders late owner and his love for the greatest scouting combine athletes.

Joe Robbins

For the entire history of the Raiders under Al Davis, their corners played on islands. For that reason the team's late owner put a premium on speed with regard to the cornerback position. He was also known to take one or more in just about every draft to ensure he ups his odds of finding just the right guy.

Back in 2005, Al Davis went all in on speed at the cornerback position. He didn't have a first round pick so he traded up into the first round to grab Fabian Washington. He ran a 4.29 40-yard dash at the combine that year. Then in the second round, Davis grabbed the even faster Stanford Routt (4.27) in round two. The hope was to get his #2 corner opposite Nnamdi Asomugha in Washington and his slot corner in Routt and therefore lock down every opposing receiver on the field.

Here are this year's burners and freak athletes at the cornerback position:

Steve Williams -- Had the fastest single 40-yard dash at the combine (4.25) although his official overall time was 4.42. Also had the best vertical leap (40.5), and 4th in broad jump (10.8)

Darius Slay - Fastest 40-yard dash (4.36)

Dee Milliner - 2nd in 40-yard dash (4.37)

Desmond Trufant - 3rd in 40-yard dash (4.38), 2nd in 20-yard shuttle (4.01)

Robert Alford - 4th in 40-yard dash (4.39), 3rd most reps on bench press (17), 4th in vertical leap (40.0), best broad jump (11'0")

Jamar Taylor - 4th in 40-yard dash (4.39), most reps on bench press (22), 4th in 20-yard shuttle (4.06)

Will Davis - Best 3-cone (6.52), 3rd in 20-yard shuttle (4.02)

BW Webb - Best vertical leap (40.5), best broad jump (11.0), best 20-yard shuttle (3.84), best 60-yard shuttle (11.0)