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Super Bowl 2013 kickoff time, TV schedule, odds, and more

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It's Super Bowl XLVII game day. If you are looking for information on the game, here is all you need to know including kickoff time, TV schedule, odds, who's singing the National Anthem and performing at halftime. You name it, it's here.

Ronald Martinez

This year's Super Bowl pits the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams came within a missed field goal of the Super Bowl last year. The Ravens even faced the same team they face last year but this time they got redemption and beat the Patriots to move on.

The big story line all week has been the "Harbowl" or "Super Bro" because the head coaches for the Ravens and 49ers are the Harbaugh brother John and Jim.

The other storyline is that of Ray Lewis playing in his last season. He was out with injury much of the season and didn't return to the team until the playoffs where he has 44 tackles in three games.

Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, has thrown 8 touchdowns with zero interceptions this postseason which is something that has never been done.

On the other side of the ball the story has been about Colin Kaepernick. He started the final six game of the 2012 season. His placement as quarterback was controversial because he got his first start when former starting quarterback Alex Smith went out with a concussion. Head coach John Harbaugh stayed with Kaepernick as what he called "the hot hand".

The QB switch was criticized by many due to the unknown product in Kaepernick as well as Alex Smith having played quite well before that. But it proved to be the correct decision because Kaepernick has shockingly led the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

Randy Moss could also be playing his last game as a pro. He retired a couple years ago and came back to football to play with the 49ers. He is making his second trip to the Super Bowl. Last time was with the Patriots and he left on the losing end. This could be his only chance to get a ring.

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