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Super Bowl 2013: Silver & Black Pride picks the winner

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As we did all through the 2012 season, the Silver & Black Pride staff picks who they think will win today in Super Bowl XLVII.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This is one great match-up in the Super Bowl. Both teams have been dominant on both sides of the ball of late.

The 49ers defense has been great all season long and the Ravens defense is looking like the tough defense we have come to know from them since Ray Lewis returned for the playoffs.

Colin Kaepernick has added a new dimension to an already good 49ers offense and Joe Flacco has been playing out of his mind for the Ravens in the playoffs with 8 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Then you add the fact that the two head coaches being brothers and how well they know each other and this could get very interesting.

This even matchup makes it difficult to predict the winner or the score. That makes it that much more exciting and fun.

Here are the S&BP staff Super Bowl picks:

Levi Damien - 49ers win 24-20
Marcus Allen Krause - 49ers win 21-17
James Arcellana - Ravens win 24-21
RaiderWay - Ravens win 39-21
RDreamer - 49ers win 24-16

S&BP overall - 49ers win 24-17

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