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Which players are the Raiders most likely to cut?

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The Raiders have much work to do yet again this off-season. They aren't in the same salary cap Hell they were last off-season, but it's still not great. Bloated salaries and dead weight must be removed. These are the most likely players to be cut loose.

Kevin C. Cox

I already laid out the Raiders free agents by priority level. Now we move on to those players of whom the Raiders will very likely make free agents this off-season.

Tommy Kelly

As much as I hate to say it, there's really no way around it. Kelly's days in Oakland appear to be over. His cap his next year will be around $11 million which is insane. He had one sack last season and is 32 years old.

Plan B: Cut and attempt to re-sign for less

Rolando McClain

This cancer will be removed, make no doubt about it. His salary and attitude makes him untradeable. Cutting him carries with it $5.34 million in dead money but if they do it after June 1st, the money will be spread over the next two seasons. That is what I expect to happen.

Plan B: See plan A

Darrius Heyward-Bey

There is no way to justify a receiver with his lack of production carrying a 2013 salary cap figure of $10.6 million. He was one of the few players last offseason to not be restructured and it was my feeling then that management was reluctant to extend his contract before seeing if he could improve upon his 2011 season. They have their answer and it could spell the end of DHB in Oakland.

Plan B: Pay cut as part of restructure

Dave Tollefson

Not productive at all last season. He was a big free agent signing, relatively speaking, and one of the few who signed for more than one season. He is set to make just under $1 million next season which is a lot for a guy who became a forgotten man on this team.

Plan B: Do nothing

Travis Goethel

The Travis Goethel experiment has come to an end. He tore his ACL midway through last season which is a long rehab. He has never been able to stay healthy and didn't show enough potential to be worth the bother when he was healthy.

Plan B: None

Willie Smith

Not only was he a revolving door at right tackle, he is a zone blocking specialist. No use for him on this team.

Plan B: None

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