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Raiders 2013 trade bait

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It's all in the name. These are the players who the Raiders could use as trade bait.

Thearon W. Henderson

The Raiders have a few decent players who would be attractive to other teams. And they also have some players of whom they would like to be rid themselves. But most of those players are either too valuable to the Raiders to be offered up in trade or there is no chance another team would be interested in giving up anything for them.

This list is those players who have some value and for a reasonable price, the Raiders could entertain the idea of making a trade.

Darren McFadden

Yeah, yeah, Reggie McKenzie said McFadden is in the Raiders' plans next season. But, like Darrius Heyward-Bey, McFadden eceived no contract restructure/extension last off-season. It was my belief at the time they wanted to see if he could manage to stay healthy before they committed to him. He didn't stay healthy and even worse, he looked terrible. Much of the blame falls on the zone blocking scheme and the offensive line. And if another team thinks the same way, the Raiders could get a pretty attractive offer for this injury prone back and his specialized skill set. It's that or risk just letting him walk next off-season with nothing in return.

Jacoby Ford

Another injury prone speedster from the Al Davis speed picks. There is no question of his game breaking abilities. That would be attractive to some team. He was originally a round four pick and outside of the injury issues, he has outplayed that draft slot. If he could net a third round pick, that could be enticing.

Terrelle Pryor

I expect about 95% of the comments will be about Pryor. Any time his name is mentioned, this happens. He is the great hope of the Raiders Nation. Fans who see Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick and get stars in their eyes. If you're getting those stars, there is a chance a few GM's around the league could be suffering from similar visions. When that happens, you gotta make that trade. We all know this new regime never would have drafted Pryor so if they could somehow even get original round three value out of him in a trade, it would be a miracle worth it. Carson Palmer isn't going anywhere anytime soon so Pryor would just languish on the bench with the exception of perhaps a handful of specialty plays.

Taiwan Jones

Jones wouldn't garner much. He falls into the Bruce Campbell category for the Raiders. They traded Campbell away for Mike Goodson. That same Mike Goodson is standing the way of Jones seeing any time at running back for the Raiders. He plays well on special teams but if there is a team out there who had their eye on him and his world class speed in the draft, they could make a phone call and say "Hey, since you're not really using him anyway..."

Out on a limb:

Mike Brisiel

This might be a long shot but not crazy. Brisiel is making around $4 million a season for the Raiders after they signed him to a 5-year deal last off-season. He came over as a zone blocking specialist and the team is no longer going to be using the zbs. There is also two possible young replacements for Brisiel in Tony Bergstrom and Lucas Nix. If a team that deploys the zone scheme needs a guard, Brisiel could be an attractive option in a trade.

I expect a lot of backlash from those who don't want to see good or potentially good players leave the Raiders. While I understand your struggle, that's how trades work. Other teams don't typically jump at the chance of parting with valuable draft picks or players in exchange for trash (in most cases).

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