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Oakland Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell looking more like JaWalrus Russell

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Former Oakland Raiders draft bust JaMarcus Russell wants to make a comeback, but he looks more like a competative eater than a football player.

Ezra Shaw

The Oakland Raiders drafted one of, if not the biggest bust in NFL draft history when they took JaMarcus Russell with the number one pick in the 2007 draft. After three painful years for the Raider Nation, Russell was finally cut after the Raiders made a draft day trade for Jason Campbell.

Russell was not able to latch on with any other team after being cut by the Raiders, and soon found himself in trouble with the law for "sippin on some syrup" like he was in Three 6 Mafia. Since then, Russell mostly disappeared from the public eye, aside from a top bust of all time article here and there.

But then, news came out during the NFL playoffs that Russell intends on attempting a come back in the NFL. While this garnered some intrigue, it mostly garnered jokes about one of the biggest disappointments in NFL history.

In reading about his decision to make a come back and the teams that might be interested, I ran across a rather interesting couple photos of JaMarcus. Now admittedly, these pictures are about a year old, and the fat one may have slimmed down since then. But let's be honest here, he was never exactly the most motivated player, so the chances he was able to cut this much weight off and get back into football shape in a year are pretty low.

In all likelihood, JaMarcus has run out of money and that is his only motivation to try and make a comeback. Clearly, he was never in it for the love of the game or he never would have sat out this long or let himself get that out of shape. It's a good thing the Raiders cut them when they did.