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Dunta Robinson released from Falcons, immediately tops FA wish list for Raiders

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Robinson never lived up to his massive contract in Atlanta but he is still a very good corner. He is a sure tackler and could really be useful in bolstering the Raiders run defense and he is an effective cover corner too. He immediately tops my defensive free agent wish list.


Dunta was originally drafted by the Houston Texans with the 10th pick in the 2004 NFL draft and he played with them for 5 seasons. In those 5 seasons he was widely considered one of the best up and coming corners in the league which allowed him to cash out big time in FA when he signed with Atlanta in 2010.

This week the Falcons decided that he was not providing enough return on their investment and cut him along with RB Michael Turner and DE John Abraham in moves that saved the Falcons 15.9 million in cap space. Although Dunta did not provide the overall return that Atlanta expected he was still an above average player for them, they just could not warrant paying him over $5 million for this season.

Now that Robinson will be hitting the Free Agent market the team that is most in need of his particular skill set is definitely the Raiders. Dunta is a decent cover corner but what he really does fantastically well is hit with authority. Its an aspect of the Raiders defense that absolutely needs upgrading and Robinson could bring that physicality up a notch.

Many will remember Dunta Robinson as one of the first players that was hit with an extremely large fine for head to head contact by Roger Goodell. This is not the way that he should be tackling in the sense that he shouldn't lead with his head but the viciousness of the hit is exactly what the Raiders have been missing.

With a corner that can tackle comes more of a secure sense of forcing running backs to the outside. The Raiders definitely could use that sense of security that Robinson could provide and with him not meeting expectations in Atlanta he could come at a relatively cheap price.

The other part that I find so intriguing about Robinson is the way that he could be embraced in Oakland for his hard hitting. The Raiders history is built on players that hit the way that Dunta does and to add a new corner like that who would be the Raiders undisputed number one corner would be a major upgrade.

He would immediately become a fan favorite due to his playing style and he would immediately upgrade a major positional need. He is an experienced veteran who is only turning 30 years old at a position where players are known to be able to play better for longer periods of time. He absolutely becomes my top player choice to sign on the defensive side of the ball.