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Raiders still hated despite recent woes

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ESPN has released a list of the top 5 most hated teams in the NFL which was compiled according to votes taken from Facebook and Twitter users. The Raiders, not surprisingly, are on the list. Click here to see where they landed.

Donald Miralle

The Patriots took home the number one slot on the list, but the Raiders came in at number 4. I believe this to actually be a compliment rather than a diss because it shows that despite the decade of ineptitude that Oakland has been going through they are still remembered and hated for their previous success.

Here is the order:

1) Patriots

2) Cowboys

3) Steelers

4) Raiders

5) Eagles

There is no getting around it, the success and viciousness of the Raiders throughout the 70's and 80's made them hated by many non Raiders fans. Not only do most Raiders fans not mind this fact, they have embraced it and enjoy it. Let the haters hate!

This is actually pretty neat to still be looked at in this light because it is despite how badly the Raiders have played. They still took a hit on this list due to their recent trend of failing but to make it on to the list anyway without having a winning season over the past 10 years is pretty dang impressive.

Raider Nation embraces this type of hate and thrives upon it. This is nothing new to them and it is something that many of members of the one true Nation would miss if it were not to be so anymore. The fact is people love to hate on the Raiders and it is because that was how Al Davis wanted it.

Al never cared what the outside world said and if he did it was usually just so that he knew to go in the opposite direction. If the world outside of Raider Nation hated the Raiders then Al knew that he was doing his job well. The fact that they still hate the Raiders even after Al is gone means he really succeeded!

Just wait until the Raiders start winning again to see this list reformatted with the Silver and Black on top of everyone else again. As soon as the Raiders start to win again and make it to the playoffs the world will again reboot their disdain upon the team they love to hate.

Well alright, the Patriots have really become a thorn in everybody's side so maybe Bill Belichek and the gang will stay ahead even when the Raiders start winning again. It will depend on whether the bad boy image remains within the Raider community or if they develop into something different as the team grows around new owner Mark Davis and GM Reggie McKenzie.

Ah yes, let the hate flow through you!