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Oakland Raiders tight end Brandon Myers could be headed to Cleveland

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The Raiders will have a hard time signing all of their free agents and Brandon Myers may be a casualty of that fact

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have seventeen unrestricted free agents this year, but three big names arethe focus of most people following the Raiders. Outside linebacker Philip Wheeler, defensive tackle Desmond Bryand and tight end Brandon Myers all had very good years for the Raiders in 2012, and all three will attract attention on the free agent market.

So far, most of the reports regarding these guys just discussed the fact that they would likely receive interest from other teams, but there have been very few rumors tying any of them to specific teams. Now, however, as the new league year is about to begin, according to Bill Williamson of, Brandon Myers is being linked to the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has also stated that they believe the Browns could wind up signing Myers, who had a break out season last year after spending his career as a back up that did not see the field very often.

When taking into consideration the Raiders' cap issues along with the fact that Myers has stated that he does not expect the Raiders to re-sign him and it looks like the first of the Raiders big free agents to sign with another team could be Myers.

If Myers does sign in Cleveland, the only question that would remain is why anyone would want to play for the Browns.