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Bills cut Ryan Fitzpatrick, become frontrunners to trade up with Raiders

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The Bills have officially released Ryan Fitzpatrick who had just signed a massive deal only last year. Though he could draw some interest from the Raiders why this is actually big news for them is the possibility of them trading up for Geno Smith.

Jim Rogash

Ryan Fitzpatrick's lackluster career in Buffalo has come to a close. With his dismissal comes a new player in the "Who wants Geno Smith" contest. The Bills have officially just become the front runner.

If the Bills want Smith they are going to have to trade up for him because they currently draft behind the Cardinals who also are likely to be interested in Geno. The pick that is most likely to be traded for to get him is still the Raiders at number 3 so if the Bills are interested they should start by asking the Raiders what they want for their pick.

The Bills currently hold the number 8 pick in the draft, which is one slot behind the Cardinals at number 7. With the Bills now being likely to try and trade up for Geno Smith it also makes it so that if Arizona thinks Smith is the man for them then they will have to try and trade up too. They can't sit pat and allow the Bills to make a move ahead of them if they really want Geno.

This news is big for the Raiders because they would be best suited by moving down in the draft and collecting more picks for their many holes. If they can get a bidding war going between the Cardinals and the Bills that can only strengthen the Raiders compensation for their draft pick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had just signed a contract last year with the Bills for 6 years and $62M which seemed pretty outrageous at the time to many. Now it appears to be cemented as fact as the Bills have cut him just one year later. Fitzpatrick had vastly underperformed after signing the contract which spelled doom for his time in Buffalo.