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Philip Wheeler agrees to terms with Dolphins

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The Raiders prized free agent has just agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins according to Pro Football Talk.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

As the season came to a close, there was no Raiders free agent more highly thought of than Philip Wheeler. Now it appears the big free agent players down in Miami have shown him the kind of money he wanted.

The Dolphins had already stole Dannell Ellerbe away from the Ravens as well as signed Mike Wallace away from the Steelers with big numbers. So, it stands to reason, they were not going to be shy with the checkbook for Wheeler either.

The numbers on the deal are for a reported 5 years, $26 million with $13 million guaranteed. Big numbers for the former league minimum linebacker.

The Raiders now have just one returning starter at linebacker - 2012 round 4 pick, Miles Burris. Well, unless you count Rolando McClain who is on his way out the door.

The Raiders don't even have any backups. They just have Burris.

Wheeler led the Raiders in tackles last year and took over the green dot helmet for the team after week four. It's a tremendous loss for the Raiders who were already in the market for a linebacker. Now "in the market" is an understatement.