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Oakland Raiders to host linebacker Dan Connor

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Oakland Raiders expected to host another linebacker the day after signing one

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders are thin at a lot of positions on defense, but only the corner back position is thinner than the line backing unit. The Raiders began addressing their lack of depth with the signing of Kaluka Maiava earlier today, and now they are set to host Dan Connor.

The 6-3, 233 pound linebacker was cut by the Dallas Cowboys after refusing to take a pay cut earlier this off season. Connor started 8 games last season after injuries forced him into the starting role. After not playing as well as the Cowboys would have liked, they asked him to take a pay cut a year after signing him to a two year contract.

This is one of the more exciting players that has been linked to the Raiders early in this off season. Maiava, defensive end Jason Hunter and defensive tackle Pat Sims were all solid pick ups who represent solid depth, but are not necessarily something to get excited over.

Connor may not be great, but he fills a need for the Raiders. He is known as a hard nosed run stopper with a good eye for the running back. His weakness is in pass coverage, but despite that flaw, he is a guy that could start on a few teams in the league. Even if he is only a two down backer, at the right price, Connor would be a nice addition to the team.