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Raiders expected host cornerback and defensive tackle today

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The Oakland Raiders continue to be active in finding depth on defense

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders will host two more defensive players in addition to Dan Connor, whose visit was reported yesterday. In addition to Connor, a linebacker who played with the Dallas Cowboys last season, the Raiders will host corner back Terence Newman and defensive tackle Corey Williams.

Both guys are on the older side, Williams is 32 and Newman will turn 35 in September. Williams has actually already completed his visit this morning and left Oakland without a contract. While he may have peaked Reggie McKenzie's curiosity because he will likely come cheap, he clearly did not agree with McKenzie's idea of how cheap.

Newman, on the other hand, is the first guy the Raiders have looked at who could potentially be a solid starter. Earlier in his career, Newman was a solid CB. Scouts Inc. had the following to say about Newman:

Newman has good size and excellent athleticism and strength. He is a tough, competitive player with good instincts, especially in the passing game. Newman is a fluid athlete with great hips to turn and run effectively in press man schemes. He's physical enough to reroute his opponent off the line of scrimmage. He reads route progressions well and is an excellent reactor to both the run and pass. He is an excellent playmaker and brings experience and consistency.

The problem is, Newman is turning 35 and is clearly on the back side of his career. He is not a great option by any means, but considering the cap issues Oakland is facing, and Reggie McKenzie's hesitancy to spend money, Newman is a viable option for a CB unit that is severely in need of more depth.

Looks like at least for now, the Raiders will stick to signing cheap back up players to fill out a roster that was decimated by free agency and cuts.