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Report: Terence Newman to sign with Raiders

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For those of you that have been waiting for a recognizable name to be signed by the Oakland Raiders you might just get your wish. Veteran CB Terence Newman is in town for a visit and the report is that he wont be leaving town without signing a contract.

Gregory Shamus

Terence Newman is not a young man by any stretch of the imagination but he is still a productive player despite his 34 years of age. He is coming off a season with the Bengals where he had 75 tackles, 2 interceptions and a forced fumble. The report is coming from Artrell Hawkins.

Currently the Raiders have Phillip Adams and Coye Francis as their cornerbacks so any signings in that department will be welcomed. Newman is better known as a former Dallas Cowboy than as a Cincinnati Bengal having spent 9 of his 10 seasons in the NFL wearing the famous Star on his helmet.

It is yet to be seen if Terence is being looked at as a possible replacement for recently released Safety Michael Huff or as a corner but he has played cornerback in every season so far. At his age it is not uncommon for a player to switch to the Safety position though so it is a possibility that they want him to replace Huff.

The amount that he is looking for with his contract offer is not known but I imagine he will come pretty cheap otherwise Reggie McKenzie would probably not be looking at him very much. He is not a long term fix for the position but he is a short term solution to a major hole on the team.

Hopefully Newman will do better than the two previous older corners that Reggie signed in Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer. One interesting thing to note is that he has his own charity which is named "Rising Stars Foundation" which gives out scholarships to student athletes. Here is a quote from his website ( after awarding 11 kids with scholarships to college:

"I wanted to give the kids that have potential to become leaders and positive examples for this community an opportunity to reach that potential," Newman said. "I am excited to provide these scholarships to these 11 great young men. I have gotten to know them very well over the last four years, and they are all good students and very good people. They all have a very promising future, and I am happy that those scholarships will help them achieve their goals."

I find that part interesting because it shows the type of person Terence is. It is important to fill the team with players that have good character and this definitely shows the type of person that Mr. Newman is. Hopefully the reports are true and he will be wearing the Silver and Black when the 2013 season comes to fruition.