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Raiders do not sign Terence Newman, but his tweet keeps door open

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The Raiders did not sign Newman, but a deal may still be in the works according to Newman

Jared Wickerham

The Raiders have been rebuilding their line backing corps pretty much from the ground up. Meanwhile, another position still needs to be built from the ground up. Right now, the Raiders have Coye Francies, Phillip Adams and Chimdi Chekwa as options to start at corner back. The Raiders desperately need help at corner back and despite the fact that he left without a contract, Terence Newman may still be the first CB to sign with the Raiders.

There were rumors that the Raiders were on the verge of signing Newman, but then he left town without a contract while the Raiders signed Nick Roach in the meantime. Today, Newman tweeted a message to Raiders fans:

Had to delay the decision for a few more days. Not gonna lie though Raiders fans, them uniforms are dope

Well, not exactly the selling point you'd want to rely on, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers, not a lot of guys are going to want to come play for a defense that is almost non-existent as it currently sits. It sounds like the Raiders have made an offer to Newman but he is not sure whether or not to accept it. Newman is really not even a very exciting option at CB for the Raiders, but he is better than what the Raiders currently have on the roster. It's good that the decision is a tough one for Newman, it likely means the deal is favorable to the Raiders and he would come cheap.

If Newman does wind up signing with the Raiders, he will likely be but the first of a few CBs signed by the Raiders, and hopefully, the others signed after him will be higher caliber players. After all, the Reg has to be patient if he wants to sign a good quality player at a price the Raiders can afford.