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Giants taking Raiders scraps

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The New York Giants are sure getting into cleaning up after the Raiders these days.

Rob Carr

It seems odd that a winning franchise would be watching the Raiders so closely these days. That's what the Giants appear to be doing. The concept isn't unheard of, though. The Patriots had been doing it for a while there, so why not the Giants?

The latest signing was that of Brandon Myers which comes on the same day the Giants signed Louis Murphy and Dan Connor.

They didn't re-sign him after last season. Myers was a free agent and the Raiders let him leave. Louis Murphy was with the Raiders through camp last year and was traded to the Panthers for a round seven draft pick.

Connor was never a Raider but he visited the team this week and left without a contract. The Raiders opted to sign Nick Roach instead. Connor left straight from Oakland to New York where the Giants signed him.

The Giants already had signed Raiders former round seven pick, Stevie Brown, who spent the entire 2010 season with the team but was left off the final roster for the 2011 season. He has played incredibly well in New York -- to the surprise of no one covering the Raiders who saw how he stood out in camp for the Raiders. So, perhaps the interest in Raider castoffs stems from that in some way.

This is not a slight to the Giants in any way. If a proven winning organization feels like they can win with these players, perhaps it's a better place for them.