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Oakland Raiders must address their cornerback situation in week two

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The Raiders have addressed their need at line backer and now must move on to corner back

Jamie Squire

The Oakland Raiders were far from inactive in the first week of NFL free agency, but the majority of the moves came at one position -- linebacker. Considering the drastic need at the linebacker position, it is understandable that general manager Reggie McKenzie signed three different backers. But now that the LB position is solidified, McKenzie needs to focus his attention on cornerback.

The Raiders have needs all over their roster, but none as big as cornerback. Their offensive line is in need of some help, but at least you can identify viable starters, the same cannot be said of the CB position. The defensive line is also a big area of need, but at least there are a couple of solid guys and some depth. Plus, if the Raiders really are moving to a 3-4 defense, the defensive line will be easier to address with one less position needed.

Luckily for the Raiders, there are still a number of solid cornerback options left in the market, but they cannot wait too long. The Raiders are not just in need of a cornerback, they are in need of a few cornerbacks. As it stands now, the two starters at corner for the Raiders would be Philip Adams and Chimdi Chekwa. Both are young guys with upside, but neither is ready to be a starter.

Now that most of the big names in free agency are off of the board and a week has passed, the asking numbers of many free agents will start to drop. This is exactly what McKenzie has been waiting for and it is a good plan of action considering the Raiders' cap struggles. The only problem is that there are other teams who have the same plan, so the Raiders will still have competition for the better players.

The Raiders still have some cap room to play with and there are guys worth spending on left in free agency. The Raiders would be wise to take a look at any of these corner backs who are still available:

Brent Grimes

DeAngelo Hall

Quentin Jammer

Antoine Winfield

Sheldon Brown

Nate Clements

Tracy Porter

The Raiders have already looked at Terence Newman, but he left town without a contract. All of these guys would represent a significant upgrade for the Raiders who featured a rotation of struggling corners last season. There are even some more guys who wouldn't be as good as the list above, but would still represent an upgrade, guys like Cedric Griffin, Jacob Lacey and Captain Munnerlyn.

The good news is that the Raiders still have a ton of options at cornerback, but they cannot wait too long because a number of these guys will likely be signed early in week two of free agency.