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NFL Draft 2013: Raiders learn their compensatory draft picks

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The Raiders have learned what compensatory draft picks they will receive in the 2013 NFL draft.

Chris Chambers

The Raiders have learned they will receive one round six compensatory pick in the 2013 draft. This additional pickgives them a total of seven picks in the upcoming draft.

They received the pick for having lost more in free agency last off-season than they gained. They signed five players and lost five players, however, the outgoing contracts outweighed the incoming ones which tipped the balance.

The Raiders signed Mike Brisiel, Dave Tollefson, Pat Lee, Matt Leinart, and Philip Wheeler. They lost Michael Bush,Samson Satele, Jason Campbell, Trevor Scott, and Chaz Schilens.

I had predicted they would receive two compensatory picks based on two of the Raiders' incoming players receiving minimum deals. It would seem that due to Philip Wheeler starting every game last season, that outweighed his contract number.

Last year the compensatory draft picks for the Raiders were extremely vital. Half of their draft, including their top two picks, were compensatory picks. They received compensatory picks in round 3, 4, and 5 for which they chose Tony Bergstrom, Miles Burris, and Juron Criner respectively.

Having an extra pick will help. The Raiders need all the help they can get filling out their roster and Reggie McKenzie would like to do it via the draft.

The Raiders now have picks in Round 1, 3, 4, 6 (2), and 7 (2).