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Raiders bring back Khalif Barnes

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The Oakland Raiders have re-signed veteran offensive tackle Khalif Barnes.

Oakland Raiders offfensive tackle Khalif Barnes
Oakland Raiders offfensive tackle Khalif Barnes
Levi Damien

With Raiders right tackle Khalif Barnes an unrestricted free agent, there was a question as to who would take over at Right Tackle. That questions was answered today as Barnes will be returning to the team for what he hopes will be his fifth season in Oakland.

He seems to be the man everyone laments while he is in the lineup. But when he is gone, such as for seven games last season, you quickly realize just how much this team needs him.

Barnes has developed into a solid right tackle in the NFL. He struggled his first two seasons in Oakland after coming over from Jacksonville in 2009. First he attempted to play left tackle and then was asked to switch to right tackle and had a rocky transition. Finally by 2011 he had found his footing at right tackle in the Raiders power blocking scheme and started the entire 16 games season.

The Raiders are switching back to the power blocking scheme which should play well to Barnes strengths. His primary issues are with penalties. He has a tendency to false start quite a bit and add a few holding penalties as well.

This re-signing could mean Barnes will be the Raiders starter once again or he could be an insurance plan in case they can't find a long term upgrade.

Barnes becomes the third free agent the Raiders have re-signed this offseason, joining cornerbacks Phillip Adams and Coye Francies.