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Two classic Raiders plays make round two of Best Plays of All Time bracket

New, comments is holding a March Madness style tournament to find the greatest play in NFL history.

Clarence Davis catches the game winning touchdown vs the Dolphins in the 1974 playoffs
Clarence Davis catches the game winning touchdown vs the Dolphins in the 1974 playoffs
Oakland Raiders

Two legendary Raiders plays have made the second round of the Greatest Play of All Time bracket. Thos plays are the Sea of Hands and the Bo Jackson 91-yard run vs the Seahawks.

The "Sea of Hands" play happened in the 1974 playoff game versus the Miami Dolphins. Ken Stabler stepped up into the pocket when a defender tackled him at the knees. As he was falling down, he put the ball up for Clarence Davis in the endzone. Davis had three Dolphin players around him and still managed to come down with the catch for the what would be the game winning touchdown.

This famous play is pitted against Barry Sanders' juking TD run versus the Patriots. It seems odd that play is a 3-seed while the Sea of Hands is an 11-seed. The Sea of Hands play was much more significant and a better play as well.

The other play up for the Raiders is Bo Jackson's famous 91-yard run versus the Seahawks in 1987. It stands as the second longest run in Raiders history (but only because Bo beat his own record two seasons later) in which he took the ball left and outside and outran the entire Seahawks defense to the sound of Bill King yelling "Holy Toledo" and then he just kept running right into the tunnel and "all the way to Tacoma".

The Bo Jackson run is pitted against the David Tyree Super Bowl catch pinning the ball against his helmet. If you base it on significance, the Tyree catch is far superior. Without that catch the Giants don't beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I know a lot of Raiders fans who were pretty excited about that catch. It set up Plaxico Burress' game winning touchdown catch and sent the then undefeated Patriots home without the only win that really mattered.

Vote for these Raiders plays as well as several other plays here.

Voting for the second round ends March 26, so get your votes in now.