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Jared Veldheer is yoked

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The Raiders are going to a power blocking scheme and left tackle Jared Veldheer is built for it.

When the Raiders drafted Jared Veldheer he weighed 312 pounds. He had put on 9 pounds on his 6-8 frame by last season. He was an athletic 321 pounds with the Raiders running a zone blocking scheme last season. Now, with the Raiders switching back to the power blocking scheme, he will be ready with the "power".

His strength coach, Mark Ehnis, tweeted this picture of him with some other workout partners at his gym PowerStrength Training Systems in Grand Rapids Michigan.

In case it was hard to tell, the other guys in the picture are normal, if not somewhat good sized men. They just look small compared to the Hulk-like Veldheer. I think they're trying to re-enact the Avengers. From right to left it's The Hulk, Hawkeye, Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Thor.

Yes, he is currently 325 pounds which means after taking three seasons to put on 9 pounds, he took a few months to pack on another 4 pounds of muscle. As if I needed to add the "muscle" part. That is pretty obvious.