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Report: Raiders in "deep talks" with Seahawks for Matt Flynn

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The Raiders are reportedly in deep trade talks with the Seahawks with regard to quarterback Matt Flynn according to's Ian Rappoport.


Recently the Raiders were reported as being one of three teams with some interest in acquiring Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn in a trade. On Thursday the Jaguars dropped out of the discussion saying they had looked into the idea and declined.

This left the Raiders as one of only two teams to have shown interest in him and it could be the other team's interest was not great.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Raiders quarterback situation of late. Just yesterday the football world was a flutter after reports that Carson Palmer had refused a $3 million pay cut and speculation from unnamed sources that he would like to play for a contending team.

Initial interest in Flynn made sense due to the history he has with Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie. Flynn was drafted in Green Bay while McKenzie was an executive with there.

The former National Championship winning quarterback was a round 7 pick by the Packers. He backed up Aaron Rodgers his entire four year with the team but the two games in which he stepped in as a starter were tremendous. He threw for 433 yards and 3 touchdowns in one start in 2010 and 518 yards and 6 touchdowns in one start in 2011. The following off-season, the Seahawks signed him to a lucrative deal.

Unfortunately for Flynn, the Seahawks also spent a third round pick on Russell Wilson who won the starting job out of camp. Now they have a high-priced backup they need to unload. He costs $7.25 against Seattle's cap but would cost the Raiders $5.25 due to the Seahawks being stuck with the $2 million in prorated signing bonus.

Even still, this signing would be a head scratcher. The Raiders are set to pay Carson Palmer $13 million in base salary with a cap hit of $15 million. If cut, palmer leaves behind over $9 million in dead money. Add Flynn's $5.25 cap hit and it works out to be about the same cap hit for Flynn as for Palmer. Then add the lost draft pick from the trade for Flynn which the Seahawks are said to be asking for a round four pick and the Raiders lose out on this deal.

The Raiders will therefore make one final attempt at getting Palmer to redo his deal before they go through with it. Getting Carson Palmer to come back at a lower rate is better for all parties involved. These trade talks are a way to try and call Palmer's bluff. We will soon see who stands pat and who folds.