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Trade for Matt Flynn could be best for Terrelle Pryor

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Many people were thinking that a trade for Matt Flynn would be detrimental to Terrelle Pryor's development. In some ways this could be true in other ways it couldn't be farther away from fact. A trade for Matt Flynn could actually be the best thing for Terrelle Pryor.


If the Raiders pull the trigger on the trade that would bring Matt Flynn to Oakland from Seattle it would signal the end for Carson Palmer in Raiders gear. Many people believe that if the trade is made that it is a sign that the Raiders do not have Pryor in their future plans and that he will lose ground on the progress he has made but how accurate is that thought process?

The removal of Carson from the Raiders locker room could actually help Pryor and open a door for him to get where he wants to be, which is the starter. Matt Flynn would be brought in with the assumption that he will win the starting job, but just like in Seattle that would be the assumption and not guaranteed fact.

The truth is if Carson is in town then Pryor will have no shot at starting. He knows this and is willing to accept the position of back up and soaking in the knowledge from a grizzled veteran like Palmer. If Carson were to be removed and Flynn added in his stead it would open up the door for a QB competition that would be similar to the one that Matt Flynn just went through (and lost) in Seattle against Russell Wilson.

I am firmly entrenched in Matt Flynn's camp with the belief that he would win that competition and be the starter for the Raiders in 2013 but it absolutely is not set in stone. I believe Flynn would win the competition but he would have to earn it against Pryor. If he did not and Pryor won then Terrelle would have earned the position and I would be fine with that as well.

If you thought that Terrelle Pryor would be against these happenings you might be surprised by his response. He has the confidence and he has the ambition to compete for the starting job and he would embrace the challenge.

Not only does Pryor say that he LOVES competition and would embrace the challenge but he wouldn't just embrace it he would sincerely welcome the chance to win the starting job. He is confident in himself but its doubtful that he would feel that he was in a true QB competition for the starting job with Palmer. However, bring in an unproven player like Matt Flynn and all bets are off for the young QB out of Ohio St University.

Bring in the competition for Pryor and it might just end up being the best thing for his career. If he competes well he could win the starting job and if he doesn't win the starting job he could put himself on another team's radar as a potential starter.

Pryor is an intriguing prospect and has shown flashes of playmaking ability. Those flashes are going to have to start coming more often if he wants to win the starting job for the Raiders because Matt Flynn is going to come in ready to be the starter.

Pryor supporters are not fond of the idea of adding Flynn but if it gives him more of a chance to become the starter they believe he is then they should embrace the chance for him to compete against Matt for the starting spot. Bringing in Flynn certainly gives Pryor more of a chance to win the starting job then keeping Palmer and his $13M salary would.