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Terence Newman finally chooses Bengals, says Raiders offered more money

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Free agent cornerback, Terence Newman has announced he will be re-signing with the Bengals even though Raiders offered more money.

Gregory Shamus

It has been a week long saga with free agent cornerback Terence Newman. He visited the Raiders but left without signing a contract. He announced on Twitter that he hadn't made up his mind what he wanted to do. It was between the Raiders and the Bengals.

Today, he announced he has made the decision to stay with the Bengals but wanted to make it clear it wasn't about the money.

I am slightly skeptical of his claim the Raiders offered more. The numbers have come out and the 34-year old corner signed a 2-year, $5 million deal to remain with the Bengals. That deal pays him $3 million in 2013 which would make him about a million more expensive in 2013 than any other free agent the Raiders signed this off-season.

He later thanked the Raider Nation, who had been Tweeting him countless times over the past week, for all their support.

It has been an odd week for Newman to be sure. At one point he even tweeted that his agent wouldn't return his phone calls. His agent probably saw that and was like "Neman!!"

Most of this information would probably have been better kept behind closed doors instead of for public viewing on Twitter but that just seems to be how Newman likes to do business.

The Raiders have hosted one other cornerback of late as former Bronco and Saint Tracy Porter visited, but he left without a contract. His concussions and subsequent seizure following last season are a concern. There was reported interest in former Cowboy, Mike Jenkins but no visit materialized.