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Bo Jackson named Greatest Athlete of All Time

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ESPN Sports Science has named former Raiders running back Bo Jackson the Greatest Athlete of All Time.

Jamie Squire

In his day, there was no doubt Bo Jackson was the most dominant overall athlete to eve strap on a pair of cleats. That was mostly because he strapped on two different types of cleats and dominated in both of them.

Bo Jackson is the only athlete to ever be named an NFL Pro Bowler and MLB All Star in the same year. He was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers number one overall but due to the Bucs being notoriously cheap, and therefore an NFL player wasteland, Jackson opted for baseball instead.

He would join the Kansas City Royals and after a season in baseball, the Raiders drafted him in the seventh round with the understanding that he was essentially a part time player. He would finish his baseball season and then join his Raiders teammates. Or should I say, he would dominate baseball for a few months and then pick up the football and dominate the gridiron as well.

That dominance after being selected in the seventh round had him listed as one of NFL Network's top ten greatest draft steals.

His lasted just a few years in football before a hip injury ended his career. He lasted a couple more years in baseball. But in that time, he made his mark on the sports world.

John Brenkus went through a list of athletes who dominated their sports - many of whom are considered the greatest of all time - to find their winner. That list included the likes of Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Willie Mays, Pele, and Roger Federer.

And while Jackson's numbers don't put him in the class of most of the other names who dominated their sports over a long period of time, his brief two-sport career showed he had all the talent to be a perennial All Star just the same.