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Raiders QB fallback plan falls through

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No sooner was the mention of Raiders discussing the possibility of adding Kevin Kolb but he appears to be headed to Buffalo.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Raiders have been shuffling around ideas of what to do at the quarterback position. If all else failed, they had reportedly discussed Kevin Kolb as their failsafe. But in the midst of all the shuffling, Kolb has shuffled off to Buffalo.

The situation as of Saturday afternoon was Kolb was reportedly close to a deal with the Buffalo Bills according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The deal is now done according to Adam Caplan. And it appears to be considerably more than Raiders would have paid.

The Bills and Cardinals are the two teams in the NFL most in need of a quarterback at this moment. The Bills parted ways with longtime starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick this off-season and the Cardinals parted ways with Kolb.

Now, the Raiders are back to hoping one of either Carson Palmer or Matt Flynn will agree to lower their salaries. If Palmer lowers his, they keep him onboard or perhaps trade him to the Cardinals. If Flynn lowers his, they finalized their already agreed upon trade with the Seahawks to acquire him. If neither want to lower their salaries, the Raiders could end up simply standing pat and going forward with Palmer.

Kolb was never really a great option but with him off the market, there aren't any other options left.