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Raiders hack $3 million of cap figure in Mike Brisiel restructure

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The Raiders have made their first restructure and it goes to offensive guard Mike Brisiel.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

With the Raiders were hovering around the 2013 salary cap, there were moves to come. One of the higher cap figures was that of right guard Mike Brisiel who carried a $4.35 million cap hit for this coming season. Now, according to Steve Corkoran of the Bay Area News Group, the second-year Raider has agreed to a restructure that saves the team $3 million.

There was some speculation that perhaps the team might go as far as to cut Brisiel after he failed to meet expectations in his first season after signing a 5-year free agent contract with the team. Even though much of that can be attributed to a nagging ankle injury that required a major sugery this off-season. Also adding to the speculation was his history with the zone blocking scheme and the Raiders moving back to power blocking.

From the onset, it appeared this was a straight pay cut but as it turns out, there was no pay cut, the $3 million was shifted to a roster bonus which will kick in next week and be spread over future seasons. This puts his cap figure in 2014-16 currently at $5.5 million per season.

This restructure ensures the Raiders will retain him. It is part of the reason the Raiders are a reported $1.5 million under the salary cap with more moves coming to continue to lower that figure.

So, for those of you on pins and needles waiting for the Raiders to do something, here is your first move.