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Oakland Raiders just became more likely to remain the Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders may no longer have LA as an option for a new stadium

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders want a new stadium. The Oakland Raiders need a new stadium. But now, it looks as though one of the rumored ways of obtaining a stadium is now defunct. A report has surfaced that the proposed AEG stadium in Los Angeles is dead in the water as far as the NFL is concerned.

Apparently, there are too many problems with the proposed plan for the NFL to take it seriously. It would appear that the NFL does not believe that both the teams and the owners of the stadium would be able to make money with the plan as it is currently laid out.

This is by no means a sign that the NFL has given up on having a team in Los Angeles. It is far too big of a market for the country's most popular sport to not have a team in for this long. More likely, this is just a delay in the inevitable, but that delay may end up resulting in the Raiders remaining in Oakland.

With all of the rumored interviews going on for the Raiders front office, there has been one common theme linked to all of the names. Every one has been mentioned as potentially leading the efforts to obtain a new stadium for the Raiders. Mark Davis is ready for the Raiders to have a new stadium, and wants it sooner rather than later.

With the only stadium plan in LA out of the immediate picture, the city will need to go back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, the Raiders have already had talks with the city of Oakland and the coliseum Joint Powers Authority about ways to build a new stadium in Oakland. In fact, the Raiders have actually invested money in producing reports to analyze the prospects in Oakland.

With AEG falling by the wayside, the City of Oakland now has an advantage over Los Angeles when it comes to the Raiders. Oakland could be on the brink of losing both the Oakland Athletics and the Golden State Warriors over the next few years and are therefore likely to spend considerable efforts to retain the one professional sports team who has expressed an interest in remaining.

This development should help move the Raiders and the City of Oakland farther down the path towards a new stadium.