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Chiefs roster moves strengthen value of Raiders draft pick

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With the Chiefs making major moves to keep WR Dwayne Bowe and LT Brandon Albert it opens up their options with the number 1 pick unlike ever before. The moves made by the Raiders rival actually has strengthened the Raiders value of their number 3 pick due to the draft's uncertainty.


The Chiefs playing their cards so close to their vest is going to help the Raiders move their draft pick if they decide that is what they want to do. The biggest hindrance to trading the pick was a lack of interest from other teams for their pick but with uncertainty comes brash decision making.

The Cardinals appear to be keeping Kevin Kolb after restructuring his contract and taking a pay cut. There are also rumors of them bringing in Matt Cassell to compete for the starting spot on their team. I have to seriously doubt that they would be confident with that going into next season, it is not a goosebumps causing QB competition to say the least.

Now add Geno Smith to that roster and it not only puts them in a more confident position with their team, but it also sells tickets because of a new possible franchise QB coming to town for Larry Fitzgerald as well. That is definite motivation to move up for Geno and not having Alex Smith dangling as a possibility could certainly move them in that direction. Or they could give Seattle a call for Matt Flynn and send their own shock waves across the NFL.

How about if the Chiefs decide to go with the dark horse candidate CB Dee Millner of Alabama being mentioned by Joel Thurman of Arrowhead Pride and the ultimate professional in Gil Brandt of Well then the next two top players in the draft could both be LT candidates in Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M and Eric Fisher of Central Michigan.

Definitely some OL needy teams out there that would love a chance at one of those two players that might be willing to make a deal for one, namely the Eagles. If the Chiefs decide not to draft one of those two LT's and the Jaguars do decide to take one of the ones remaining that leaves a OL needy team in the Raiders drafting in front of the Eagles for the remaining best Tackle in the draft. They would have no choice but to try to make a trade with the Raiders.

How about if neither the Chiefs nor the Jaguars take either Fisher or Joeckel. Then its the Raiders and the Eagles both drafting in a position to take them and then if a team like the Titans wants to get one of those talented players then they have to trade up to get it.

That is not even mentioning the Browns or Lions who might want to trade up to insure that they can get an edge rusher that they are in need of or the Bills or the Jets who could surprise the world in trying to get a new QB for their team in Geno Smith. The easiest team for any of these teams mentioned to make a deal with is going to end up being the Raiders for that number 3 pick.

The Chiefs moves that they have aggressively been making has changed everything for this year's draft. They have been really strengthening their team and appear to be making moves to better themselves very quickly. Those moves being made are sending shock waves through the rest of the NFL and effecting the way that other teams are planning for their draft. Luckily for the Raiders those shock waves are strengthening the value of their number 3 pick in this year's draft.