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Terrelle Pryor thinks he's second fastest NFL QB but is he?

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There are a few speedy quarterbacks in the NFL right now. But where would Terrelle Pryor finish in a race with them all? Pryor thinks he knows.

Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE

The name of the game at quarterback last season was speed and elusiveness. The likes of rookies Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson along with first time starter Colin Kaepernick blazed trails to the playoffs for their teams. Their success had many what kind of success the Raiders could have with Terrelle Pryor behind center.

Pryor showed some of that speed in the final game of last season when Carson Palmer was out injured and Pryor was given his first start. He made several plays with his legs including running for a touchdown and escaping the pocket to throw for two more.

It begs the question; who would win in a race of NFL quarterbacks?

Pryor was asked that question on NBC Sports Network today, to which he said:

"This is just me believing in the speed and power in my legs - I believe I'd be second behind Michael Vick. No one else could beat me." Said Pryor.

That is confident to be sure. So, let's examine Pryor's theory.

We don't have a combine figure for Pryor because he came in late to declare for the supplemental draft. He reportedly ran a 4.32 40-yard dash and his pro day with an overall time of 4.38. His slowest time was 4.41.

Michael Vick ran an official 4.36 40-yard dash as a rookie so based solely on intitial 40-yard dash times, Vick wins. But that was a long time ago. There is really no way Vick comes close to that now. Even without the injuries he's sustained over the years, he is just not the spring chicken he once was. A race right now and Pryor would smoke him.

Looking at all the other quarterbacks in the NFL right now, the fastest 40-yard dash at the combine was Robert Griffin III with a 4.41. After that, it's Ravens backup Tyrod Taylor at 4.51, Colin Kaepernick with a 4.53, and Russell Wilson at 4.55. Cam Newton and Jake Locker both ran a 4.59.

It would seem, the only other QB in the NFL who actually comes close to the speed that Pryor displayed is Robert Griffin III. His combine overall time was the same as Pryor's unofficial lowest time at his pro day.

So, what seemed like it may have been a bit cocky from Pryor in saying he is second in the NFL behind Vick might actually not have been giving himself enough credit. He's faster than Vick now and at least matches Robert Griffin III for speed.

Now to see if the Raiders can find a way to make use of it.