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Oakland Raiders expected to cut Rolando McClain at start of free agency

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The Oakland Raiders will finally do what everyone knew they would, cut Rolando McClain


The Oakland Raiders and Rolando McClain have been headed on a collision course with the inevitable outcome of McClain's departure from the team that drafted him. But ever since his blow up in practice all of the way back in November, people have been asking why McClain was still on the team.

After his fight with Dennis Allen in practice, the Raiders suspended McClain for two games, then did not let him play in any games after his return from the suspension. Now, over three months later, it appears as though the Raiders are finally going to cut Rolando McClain.

According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders will cut McClain after March 12 because at that point, they can spread out the dead money that will be created by his release over two years, easing the impact on the cap.

This should be a big relief for Raiders fans who have been frustrated by the former first round draft pick. McClain has had multiple run ins with the law since joining the Raiders, but it isn't his off of the field issues that drove fans crazy, it was his play on the field.

McClain was incredibly slow and a liability in pass coverage, and despite his size, had serious issues getting off of the block and as a result, was completely ineffective in run defense as well. McClain's lack of value became even more clear after his suspension. The Raiders brought in Omar Gaither, who was not even on a team in theNFL at the time, and yet the defense improved its play almost instantly.

It has taken longer than anyone would have liked it to, but it appears the Rolando McClain saga is finally coming to an end and the Raiders can move on at the MLB position.