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Free Agent Focus with Insider insight: CB Chris Houston

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Next up in our Free Agent Focus we take a look at Lions' cornerback, Chris Houston. And as usual, I brought in a Lions writer to lend us a little insider perspective.

Tom Pennington

Don't let the horrible overall play of the Lion's secondary fool you, Chris Houston is a solid corner. He was a solid player before he joined the Lions but he flew under the radar with the Falcons who were more interested in big, flashy guys like Asante Samuel and Brent Grimes.

He isn't a lock down type corner with QB's completing 56% of their passes against him on 94 attempts last season. But with that comes many reliable qualities such as he will not gamble and rarely gives up the big play. This fits perfectly with the Raiders' zone scheme secondary and Jason Tarver's "bend but don't break" philosophy.

Here is what Sam Yuille of Lions blog, Pride of Detroit, had to say:

Chris Houston was acquired by the Lions in 2010 after not doing much with the Atlanta Falcons. In Detroit, Houston has turned his career around, and last season he really emerged as an excellent cornerback. His teammates voted him defensive player of the year for his play in 2012, and he is also set to hit the open market at an ideal time. I'd expect the Lions to attempt to re-sign him, but it will ultimately come down to what the market looks like for Houston. If he can go out and get a bigger deal somewhere else, the Lions may have a tough time matching it and keeping him around.