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Raiders acquire Matt Flynn in trade with Seahawks

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The Oakland Raiders have completed the trade to acquire Matt Flynn. That was first reported by Jay Glazer.

Stephen Brashear

It was reported on Saturday that the Raiders and Seahawks had agreed to terms on a trade to acquire Matt Flynn in exchange for two draft picks. Now, according to a report, that deal has been completed.

The trade is said to not be costing the Raiders any picks in the upcoming draft but rather two late round picks in the 2014 and 2015 drafts.

Despite Matt Flynn's lack of time as a starter, Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie is quite familiar with him. Flynn was drafted in Green Bay while McKenzie was an executive with the Packers. He watched him in practices and games for four seasons before he left to join the Seahawks prior to last season.

The former National Championship winning quarterback was a round 7 pick by the Packers. He backed up Aaron Rodgers his entire four years with the team but the two games in which he stepped in as a starter were tremendous. He threw for 433 yards and 3 touchdowns in one start in 2010 and 518 yards and 6 touchdowns in one start in 2011. Those games earned him lucrative contract from the Seahawks following the 2011 season.

Unfortunately for Flynn, the Seahawks also spent a third round pick on Russell Wilson who won the starting job out of camp. Then they were left with a high-priced backup. He costs $7.25 against Seattle's cap but would cost the Raiders $5.25 due to the Seahawks being stuck with the $2 million in prorated signing bonus.

For Flynn, it meant yet another backup role. He went to Seattle to finally be a starter and it didn't happen. He also wanted to go somewhere and have another shot at starting.

The initial holdup was said to be the Raiders were attempting to check one last time to see if Carson Palmer would lower his salary. The team also tried to get Flynn to lower his salary. It appears Palmer stood pat in the end but it remains to be seen if Flynn re-did his deal or not.

Along with the reports of Flynn coming to the Raiders, the Raiders are reportedly actively working on a trade that would send Palmer to the Cardinals. Both deals could happen quickly.