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Welcome Matt Flynn to Raider Nation

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Like it or not it is now official, Matt Flynn has been traded to the Oakland Raiders. The compensation has been set and he is on his way to Alameda County so it is now time to welcome Mr. Flynn to Raider Nation.

Chris Graythen

The biggest thing people worried about was further depleting this year's draft picks with a trade for Flynn because then 3 of this year's picks would have been spent on quarterbacks. The 2nd round pick for the Raiders this year belongs to the Bengals for Carson Palmer and the 5th round pick belongs to the Seahawks to complete the Aaron Curry trade.

Those worried about that will be happy to hear that the trade that brings Flynn to Oakland will be for a late round 2014 pick and a conditional 2015 pick so it will not effect this year's draft. If Flynn is a decent starter this deal will be worth it and if he isn't they likely will be able to trade him next year for a late round draft pick.

Matt Flynn will probably be the starter in 2013 for the Raiders although it will have to be won over Terrelle Pryor in the pre-season. Flynn is a controversial unknown quantity due to only having 2 starts under his belt and having lost the QB competition last year to start to a 3rd round rookie in Russell Wilson. He will get a fresh chance now in Oakland.

Carson's time in Oakland was a rocky one. Over the year and a half that he was in Oakland he was both viewed as the reason for losing and the possible savior of the Raiders. With this move it all but officially ends his tenure in the Silver and Black. The greatest trade of all time we all can agree it was not, even though Carson did always put 100% of himself on the line for the Raiders.

No matter how one feels about the Raiders QB situation right now it is clear that they are moving into a new era. It is now time to welcome Matt Flynn to Raider Nation and hope for the best. I believe in Flynn and hopefully he will come in and show the one true nation what makes me feel that way.

Some key things to watch for from Flynn

  • He moves around in the pocket well while looking to throw although his smaller stature does make him easier to bring down if the defense gets ahold of him.
  • He has average arm strength which results in some longer passes being short or behind the receiver, although his accuracy and timing still will allow him to make these throws consistently.
  • His accuracy is very good as he consistently hits the receivers on the numbers with his passes and leads players well for runs after the catch.
  • Goes through his progressions very well with his eyes down field and does not overly stare down receivers.
  • Good at holding the safety over the top and good at dumping off underneath if nothing else is available. Marcel Reece will be utilized more than ever before.
  • Good leadership and body language on the sidelines, has the short memory neccessary to move on from mistakes and perform well on the next drive.
  • Performs well under pressure, the game is not too big for him.
  • Will throw some bad interceptions, mostly from not having elite arm strength.
  • Smart player with under-rated athleticism. Throws from awkward positions very well.

Those are just a few things that I have learned of Matt Flynn from his time in Green Bay. He played well in the QB competetion in Seattle as well although Russell Wilson was just simply better. He might not be looked on as the QB of the future for the Raiders but he will be better than people are expecting.

It is now time to welcome Matt Flynn into Raider Nation with open arms. He is a player that puts everything on the line and doesn't complain. It will be interesting to see how he performs in Oakland and to see if he can win over the fans here the way he did in Green Bay.

Even the Seattle fans appreciate Flynn despite his losing to Wilson which shows the type of player and person that the Raiders just acquired. Despite the large contract he signed and not becoming the starter the fans there still mostly speak well of him. Embrace your new quarterback Raiders fans, he is likely to be the starter when week 1 of the 2013 season begins.