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Raiders to host first Free Agent Running Back today

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Free Agent Running Back Bernard Scott is visiting the Raiders today according to USA Today's Mike Garafolo.

Matt Sullivan

The sound of the finger drumming has gotten louder and louder as the off-season has progressed. The Raiders lost Mike Goodson as a free agent and have not even sniffed a replacement. Finally, there will be a candidate coming to town - Bernard Scott.

First and foremost, Scott must prove he is fully recovered from a torn ACL he suffered early last season. It was supposed to be his big contract year push but it ended early and he limped into the free agency.

When Scott is healthy, he has shown some good skills. He averages over four yard per carry over his four seasons in the NFL. He has never been a full time starter so sitting behind Darren McFadden will be nothing new to him.

Equally important could be his kick return skills. He returned 56 kicks in 2011 for the Bengals while also carrying the ball 111 times on offense. He could be of value in both areas if he is healthy and the team signs him.