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More QB visits reported for Raiders including Vince Young

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The reports are pouring in of the Raiders working out at least four quarterbacks this week.


Now that the reports of the Raiders agreeing to terms with Seneca Wallace have been debunked, the reports of the Raiders looking at other quarterbacks are surfacing.

The latest quarterbacks to get a look by the Raiders were Vince Young and Troy Smith. They joined fellow free agent quarterbacks Seneca Wallace and Tyler Thigpen. Reports said the team had agreed to terms with Wallace but those reports turned out to be false.

Three of these quarterbacks have something in common - They were out of the NFL last season. Only Tyler Thigpen was employed by an NFL team last season. He was a reserve for the Buffalo Bills in 2012. Vince Young last played in the NFL for the Bills in 2011, Wallace last played in the NFL for the Browns in 2011, and Smith hasn't played in the NFL since the 2010 season when he was with the 49ers.

Thus far the team has not announced that any of the four were signed. All of them visited on Wednesday which means if they were to be signed, it would likely have been made official Thursday morning along with the two other free agent signings the team announced.

The Raiders are certainly scraping the bottom of the free agent barrel looking for another arm. They haven't officially settled on any of them just yet.