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Raiders rebuilt 2013 team to meet for first time Monday

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It's been a while since the Raiders were able to get together as a team. The old Raiders will re-unite with the new Raiders on Monday as off-season workouts begin.

Oakland Raiders warm up at the team facility
Oakland Raiders warm up at the team facility
Levi Damien

The preparation for the 2013 NFL season officially begins for the Raiders Monday. The players are itching to meet some of their new teammates and eager to get the bad taste out of their mouths that a 4-12 season brings.

Many of the newcomers are excited for a fresh start with a new team. With the Raiders signing a lot of players who are eager to get their first real shot at proving they deserve a starting job, that journey begins Monday.

Perhaps no current Raider play exemplifies the excitement of the coming workouts than Punter Marquette King. He was in camp with the Raiders last year but he knew at the time, the job belonged to All Pro Shane Lechler. He also knew Lechler would be moving on after the 2012 season at which point, he would be given a chance to take over to job.

King has been working hard to ensure this one chance is the only one he needs. Few players are more excited to show off their skills than he is. He tweeted this on Saturday:

Several new Raiders are looking forward to Monday. Rashad Jennings is one.

"You're gonna be issued a playbook, you're gonna be issued an opportunity to be on the field and showcase your talent," Said Jennings. "It's just an opportunity to go out and prove yourself. That's what I'm excited to do. I'm excited to come help this team win some football games."

Most of the Raiders defense is rebuilt, so there are a lot of new faces already. There are only three returning starters - Lamarr Houston, Tyvon Branch, and Miles Burris. The few remaining players on the defense are looking forward to meeting the new members of the team. Likewise, the newbies are looking forward to starting to build chemistry with their new squad.

As of Sunday, there are 13 new faces who will enter the facility Monday - Defensive linemen Jason Hunter, Vance Walker, and Pat Sims, linebackers Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett, and Kaluka Maiava, safeties Reggie Smith and Usama Young, cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter, offensive tackle Alex Barron, running back Rashad Jennings, and quarterback Matt Flynn.

It makes for quite an exciting kick off to off-season workouts. The journey begins post haste.