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Raiders bust McClain gets not so glowing endorsement from Ravens GM

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Former Raiders MLB McClainw as signed by the Ravens, but he is no guarantee to be the next Ray Lewis


The Oakland Raiders had one primary storyline that dominated their free agency and that was the knock down drag out fight between general manager Reggie McKenzie and the salary cap. But there were a number of other big stories surrounding the Raiders as well. From the Carson Palmer Matt Flynn saga to the unexpected cuts of Darrius Heyward-Bey and Michael Huff and of course, the months long Rolando McClain drama.

When the Raiders finally cut McClain it was not very newsworthy. Afterall, everyone knew the Raiders would be cutting ties with their former first rounder for months, but the only question that remained was when would the ax drop. When McClain was finally cut, he did not take long to catch on with another team, signing a minimum contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

Of course, as soon as the signing broke, people began the Ray Lewis replacement talk. While that provided for good conversation and argument fodder, no one could seriously believe that McClain would step right in and fill Lewis' shoes. Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game and Rolando McClain is one of the biggest draft busts to ever play the game.

However, it appears that the Ravens' general manager Ozzie Newsome is not one of the few who believes the Ravens have found their man when it comes to the inside linebacking position. According to Ravens beat writer Aaron Wilson, when Newsome was asked about Rolando McClain, he did not exactly give a ringing endorsement of the former Raider, instead saying "Rolando will be given an opportunity to make our 53-man squad".

With confidence like that, it is no wonder McClain's agent was not able to find a trade partner for the Raiders.