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Raiders work out UW-Milwaukee tight end prospect Demetrius Harris

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Harris was an all-state TE in high school but played basketball at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Now he is drawing a ton of interest as a tight end prospect.


The Raiders recently worked out a prospect that has many pro scouts intrigued- UW-Milwaukee power forward Demetrius Harris.

His athletic gifts are impressive for a tight end. He runs a 4.5 40-yard dash with a 36.5 inch vertical leap and a 10-foot broad jump. It's been a long road back for Harris to get to where he is. He was recruited to Arkansas State as a tight end after earning all-state honors in Arkansas at that position, but didn't have the grades to get in. He attended a JUCO and then transferred to Milwaukee for his junior and senior years. He is known as a ferocious post player who is terrible at free throws.

The former hoopster has garnered interest from several AFC teams including the Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers, and Ravens and the Cowboys as well. Every team seems to be looking for the next Antonio Gates, and who can blame them? If you find the right guy who's been overlooked you can pick an All-Pro tight end off the scrap heap of undrafted free agents.

At 6-7, 230 pounds, Harris is a physical specimen and has a slight chance to be drafted near the end, but will need to get stronger. He was only able to do two reps of bench-press. Basketball strength is quite different from football strength but Harris is known as a guy with a strong core and should be able to eventually get into full football shape.

Harris' main knock is that he hasn't played football in four years. He has all the physical tools one looks for and he proved in high school he can play, but learning the nuances of a pro system will take some time after never having been exposed to even a college football offense. That being said, talent is talent and Harris impressed scouts after only having a week to prepare after he was notified that the NFL may be interested in him.

This is a low-risk, high-reward type signing. A team probably won't know what they have until a full training camp to evaluate how he absorbs a complex pro offensive scheme.

There are of course no college football highlights of Harris, but here is video of his workout: