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Raiders may have a huge trade down opportunity for 2013 draft

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With the NFL draft under a week away teams are starting to show their hands a little bit more. Two of those teams are the Dolphins and the Vikings who have both spoken publicly about the desire to trade ahead, could the Raiders take advantage?

Jonathan Daniel

There was already a very good article here written by "bengalboyjohn" about the possibility of a trade with the Dolphins that could make sense for both Miami and the Raiders. Now another team has come out of the woods and announced that they are interested in trading up in the draft and that they have the ammunition to do so with the Vikings.

Minnesota is interested in a wide receiver in this year's draft to help them move on from Percy Harvin and play alongside newly acquired wideout Greg Jennings. In order to get one of the two players that they want (reportedly Tavon Austin or Cordelle Patterson) they feel as though they need to trade up to around the 10-15 range from one of their 1st round picks which are 23rd and 25th.

That would work out perfectly with the Dolphins draft pick at number 12. If the Dolphins would still prefer to trade up instead of down and make the deal with the Raiders then Oakland could turn around and again trade down, this time with the Vikings. In doing so they could turn their number 3 draft pick into multiple picks including in all likelihood more than one second round selection in this year's deep draft.

They could also arrange a direct three team trade considering that one of the rumored possibilities in a trade with the Dolphins is wide receiver Devon Bess who could fill in a Percy Harvin type role with the Vikings. It would be interesting to see what the teams could figure out but it seems like it would be in everybody's best interest to figure a deal out in this fashion.

The Vikings want another play making wide receiver that they would need to trade up for, and the Dolphins want one of the top Tackles in the draft which will almost surely be available at the Raiders number 3 pick. The Raiders on the other hand have needs all across the board and would love adding as many draft picks as possible now. Working something out between all three teams seems like a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

The Raiders need more draft picks to fill their holes on their team and to help create a foundation for the future sooner rather than later. If they could orchestrate a single trade down in this draft it would be a good move, if they could orchestrate multiple trade downs it would be a stroke of genius. I am sure Reggie McKenzie is hard at work figuring out whatever he is going to do, after all the draft is finally just days away!