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Report: Tracy Porter is now a Raider

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Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders have signed CB Tracy Porter to a one year deal. If true then the Raiders have finally added a starting quality corner to their roster, although one coming off of a major injury last year as a Bronco.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Tracy Porter was a top cornerback free agent last year when the Broncos signed him to a one year $4M contract. The Raiders had reportedly been interested in Porter at that time but they were outbid for his services by their divisional rival. Porter ended up only starting 4 games last year because of an injury and then the Broncos allowed him to hit the open market instead of re-signing him.

Adam Schefter has now tweeted that the Raiders have done what they had hoped to do last season, which is sign Tracy Porter to a one year deal. Porter had been visiting Oakland earlier last week, along with another former team of his the New Orleans Saints, but had left town without a contract. According to Shefter the contract has been signed now.

This is very good news for the Raiders who were in desperate need of a starting quality corner as they were without a true starter up until now. Porter comes in as the unquestioned number 1 corner for Oakland and if he remains healthy should turn out to be a solid signing by Reggie McKenzie.

One of the biggest complaints this off-season amongst Raider Nation was the lack of signings in the secondary. Hopefully this report is true and that has finally changed. Adam Schefter is one of the most well respected insiders in the business so the fact that he is reporting it is a very good sign that it is true.

Tracy Porter has 174 career tackles with 8 interceptions including two of them being returned for TD's. He is best known for being the Super Bowl hero with the Saints when he intercepted Peyton Manning and returned it for a TD to clinch the Saints first and only Super Bowl victory back in Super Bowl XLIV. Raiders fans should hope that he continues to add upon his previous successes against the bionic one.