2013 SB Nation Mocking the Draft: Raiders

Hello S&BP, this is the 2nd straight year Assassin32 and I participate in this SB Nation event after doing it last year with Jack'sAxe (who by the way was the Pats GM, so give him hell, lol). We had a real good draft, in our opinion, and represented the Raiders very well, getting some nice feedback with our moves. Let's hope the real Raiders draft turns out to be something similar to this, so let us show you the results:

We traded down once, with the Browns. We gave them the 3rd overall pick for their 6th overall, their 5th rounder, 7th rounder, and pass rusher Jabaal Sheard. The Browns wanted to trade Sheard since he wouldn't fit their new 3-4 defense, so we think we got a steal. He is only entering his 3rd year in the league and racked up 8.5 sacks in his rokie year, along with 7 last year.

We traded our 100th (4th) overall and 209th (7th) overall to Houston for their 124th (4th), 160th (5th) and 233rd (7th) overall. Then we traded Jacoby Ford to Arizona for their 174th (6th) overall pick. We ended up with 2 picks in the top 100, and a player who is worth a late first or early 2nd round pick in Jabaal Sheard. Add to that 9 more picks from the 4th to the 7th round. Here is who we picked:

6th Overall Pick: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama.

You probably knew this was the pick once you knew I was part of the war room. Some will consider this pick a reach, some will like it. I think we got the best player in the draft with this pick, the true definition of a road grader and someone who will finally make our QB feel comfortable if they want to step up in the pocket. Warmack is the prototype guard for the Power Blocking Scheme too. The only reason why people would call this a reach is because he is a guard, but what if he turns out to be a better guard, than say, Ziggy Ansah as a DE? Who gets the better player, the bust at DE (JUST AN EXAMPLE) or the mauler guard who was picked 6th overall? Right after we picked him, the Rams let everyone know they were going to pick him next (they traded up to no.7), and Jonathan Cooper (the other elite guard (just not quite as good as Warmack lol) ) was picked at no.13. We feel good with the 1st round choice and that we could trade down just 3 spots and get so much in return.

66th Overall Pick: Jonathan Jenkins, DT/NT, Georgia.

Dennis Allen mentioned he and Jason Tarver could not introduce much of their hybrid defense last year due to lack of personnel for it. Since our best NT was Tommy Kelly (and him not being very good at it, anyway) we wanted another DT. John Jenkins (a projected 2nd rounder) was there at no.66, and we took him. Jonathan Hankins was another option, but he was gone by then. At this point in the draft, we had filled the following positions with starters from day 1: DE, DT, OG. Jenkins is better fit for the 3-4 part of the defense as a 0 tech, but he could work as a 1 technique too, with coaching, because he's got some upside.

124th Overall Pick: John Boyett, FS, Oregon.

Oakland got Usama Young in FA, but the safety corps still need depth and Boyett comes from Oregon, where other good safeties like TJ Ward and Jarius Byrd came from. He got a season ending torn ACL last year and dropped down from the boards, but still projected a 4th-5th rounder we feel like we got a steal. He is a potential answer at FS for the long term(could even start from day 1), and probably would've been ranked around round 2 or 3 if his injury hadn't happened.


136th Overall Pick: Leon McFadden, CB, SDSU.

Former (and new) teammate of Miles Burris at SDSU, a 3rd round grade that was still there in the 5th? Enough said. We traded up because Jacksonville was very probably taking him with a pick they had before our next one at 139, so we made the move for a potential starter at CB. With him the Raiders CB corps now have 8 players, camp competition would make someone rise to the challenge and give the team a real good player, regardless of who it is.

139th Overall Pick: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee.

Bray is probably the most gifted QB to come out of this draft. He has had bad coaching staffs at Tennessee and has tons of potential, we went BPA here because he is graded as a 4th rounder and were surprised he was still there. Since Oakland only has 2 QBs in Flynn and Pryor, more competition will come in. Not only competition for the actual QB spot, but for the long term answer between Pryor and Bray, competition only makes everyone better.

172nd Overall Pick: Keith Pough, LB, Howard.

Flying under the rader for his small school, but a very effective and versatile LB who could get a chance to rotate in the games. I look at him as a Miles Burris 2.0 in everything but size. His motor is very good and he does his role well, silently, but well. Probably as good as many of the other 3rd or 4th round LBs but with a fallen draft stock due to his school.

174th Overall Pick: Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

Many people refer to him as Darren McFadden 2.0. Another pick that was simply BPA, huge upside in round 6. Rashad Jennings is the only other RB on the team, so he too is getting competition to back up DMac. Should be a perfect fit for the PBS and will have a chip n his shoulder from being almost a sure fire 1st rounder to a 6th rounder. This is more han anything a value pick.

205th Overall Pick (Compensatory) : Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina.

With the Jacoby Ford trade we felt that we needed to fill the slot. Ace Sanders is just that, a slot receiver with amazing KR/PR abilities, and hopefully less injury prone. He would very easily win a job on the team with his KR abilities alone and isn't a bad receiver piling up 500+ yards and 9 TDs last season. Added to a group of receivers who aren't really locks to all make the team. Guess what happens here? Competition again.

227th Overall Pick: Michael Rivera, TE, Tennessee.

TE is a weak spot on the team and Rivera has upside, he makes circus catches and has experience with Tyler Bray. He enters the team without hard competition, and has a strong chance to make the team. This is make or break year for David Ausberry and Richard Gordon, if not here comes the new project at TE.We didn't take one earlier because the TE class did not impress us at all and almost every TE is as good as the other aside from the 1st to 3rd rounders.

233rd Overall Pick: Rontez Miles, SS, California (PA).

One of the ''True Diamond in the Rough'' posts by Assassin32, it helped us make a pick here, he was still there and we looked at it as a steal. Look at the post >>> HERE <<<<< . He fills in as a SS and backup to Tyvon Branch. With the 2 safeties in the draft there is now depth at the safety position, an area of concern after the Huff cut. Miles is a rare case and probably should be ranked better, and we feel good that we got him.

That was our 2013 Mock Draft. Worthy of note too is that a fellow S&BP member, RyanTheRaider joined the war room right after the 2nd round. He helped with basically all the picks except the Warmack pick and Cleveland trade. He deserves as much credit as Assassina and I do.

We too had an UDFA list (every team had 5 players):

1. Jason Thompson, WR, New Haven

2. Johnny Adams, CB, Michigan State

3. Chris Jones, DT, Bowling Green

4. Travis Chappelear, DE Northwest, Missouri State University

5. DJ Harper, RB, Boise State.

Jason Thompson was too, an Assassin32 ''True Diamond in the Rough'' post. Look him up >>> HERE <<< . Him and DJ Harper, and Johnny Adams were other 2 nice pickups for UDFAs. Johnny Adams was Michigan State's no.1 CB last year and had an underrated season, he actually projects as a 6th rounder. DJ Harper ran for 1137 yards last year on 228 carries for a 5.0 YPC average last year, while scoring 15 TDs on the ground. He caught the ball 23 times for 163 yards and a TD. I can't explain to myself how this guy is ranked as a 7th rounder or UDFA, he had beast numbers and wasn't a starter before simply because he was backing up Buccaneers standout RB DOUG MARTIN . Look up all of those 3 players mentioned.

This is the depth chart after the mock draft, in no particular order:


Matt Flynn,

Tyler Bray

Terrelle Pryor


Darren McFadden

Kniles Davis

Rashad Jennings

DJ Harper


Marcel Reece


Rod Streater

Denarius Moore

Ace Sanders

Juron Criner

Jason Thompson

Derek Hagan


David Ausberry

Richard Gordon

Michael Rivera

OLine from left to right (backups below):

Veldheer, Warmack, Wisniewski, Brisiel, Barnes

Nix (LG, RG), Bergstrom (LG, RT), Parsons (C, LG, RG), Barron (RT).


Andre Carter

Jabaal Sheard

Jason Hunter

Lamarr Houston

Jack Crawford.


Vance Walker

John Jenkins

Pat Sims

Christo Bilukidi

LBs (backups below):

Kevin Burnett, Nick Roach, Miles Burris

Kaluka Maiava (OLB), Keith Pough (any position), Travis Goethel (any position)


Mike Jenkins

Tracy Porter

Leon McFadden

Jason Hanson

Johnny Adams

Chimdi Chekwa

Phillip Adams

Brandian Ross


John Boyett

Usama Young


Tyvon Branch

Rontez Miles.

Reggie Smith

K: Sebastian Janikowski

P: Marquette King.

We'd like to thank Turf Show Times (The Rams SB Nation site) for doing the draft and doing it so well. Special thanks to Doug Morrison for organizing pretty much everything. Ending up with 10 total picks, and a player of Jabaal Sheard's quality, let's hope our real Raiders do something like this or the closest they can lol. Thanks for reading and we hope we represented the site well!